Fix your Credit History or Bad Credit Rating with a Credit Repair Lawyer

There are well in excess of 14 million credit files in Australia and there are in excess of (3) million negative listings on credit files.

Even one small negative listing on a credit report will have the potential of stopping you from obtaining credit for (5) years and in some cases (7) years. The effects of this could be devastating on your family or even your business. There is good news, in many cases these negative listings can be permanently removed from your credit.

At Joseph Trimarchi & Associates our Lawyers and Attorneys are passionate at enforcing your legal rights when it comes to improving your credit history. We will fight for your right to establish credit worthiness and fight for your right to have only information that is correct and accurate appear on your credit file.

Our legal office has helped thousands of people restore their credit history so they may qualify for the finance they deserve. We utilise our legal training to get you the right results, we are a qualified Law Firm with years of experience in this area, don’t leave your financial future in the hands of unqualified and untrained credit repair companies you Deserve Better, we are here to give you the best possible chance of improving your situation.

For your peace of mind our fees are paid only if we are successful this is our No-Win No-Fee Guarantee, and we charge nothing upfront.

An example of disputable credit listings are:

  • Payment Defaults or overdue accounts
  • Court Judgments
  • Clear-outs or serious credit infringements
  • Cross reference or linked files
  • Multiple identities
  • Fraudulent entries
  • Mistaken entries.

If you have a credit history problem that is holding you back, and if you are looking for clear no bull legal advise on how to restore your credit rating give us a call 24/7 or send us an email.