About Us

Joseph Trimarchi and Associates are an accomplished Law Firm that specialise in Australian Credit Reporting Law and Credit Repair. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with solutions aimed at restoring their Credit History by rebuilding Credit Worthiness.

We operate Australia Wide and we are proud to have helped thousands of Australians qualify for the finance they deserve.

What do we do?

Typically, if you have been declined finance or credit because of a default, judgment or some type of mistaken entry on your credit file, we challenge that listing with a view to removing the same. Only incorrect information or information placed on your credit file that does not follow strict credit reporting protocol may be removed. This is where our expertise comes into play, we assess your situation and provide honest advise as to the best solution.

What does this mean to me?

If you have been declined for finance or credit as a result of a judgment, default, serious credit infringement, cross reference or any other listing, we will investigate your situation to see if we can achieve a removal of the adverse listing which will then allow you to qualify for a loan.

We are a Law Firm not simply a Credit Repair Company, therefore we possess the skill, knowledge, experience and integrity to get you the right result. Don’t settle for anything less.

A message from our Principal Lawyer Joseph Trimarchi

Credit repair and the restoration of credit worthiness is a passion shared by me and all of our team members. Our credit repair division operates with one purpose in mind, we aggressively pursue the rights of each and every client to have their credit file depict a true and accurate picture of their credit worthiness. By doing this we give our clients control over their financial future.

Our passion for what we do makes us leaders in this field. I invite you to contact our office for a friendly obligation free chat on how we may be of assistance.