No Win, No Fee Credit Repair Guarantee

What is Credit File Repair?

In simple terms, if the listing on the credit file has been added incorrectly or by mistake there is a strong chance it can be removed. This information can remain on your credit file from (5) to (7) years. A bad credit history may see you rejected for finance or may see you paying an interest rate on monies borrowed higher than normal rates offered in the market place.

Any application for finance, being loans, credit card, mortgage or even applying for a phone account, water or electricity account will mean your credit file will be checked by the finance company or utility company to see if you are credit worthy. The type of things that may be recorded on your credit file are;

Name, address and date of birth

Finance applied for, dollar amount of finance you applied for

Late payments and non-payment of loan obligations

What leads to a bad Credit History?

Our team deals with thousands of people Australia Wide who have a problem with their Credit File. All you need to do is give us a call or send us an email telling us your problem. We will be sure to get back to you immediately.

We may be able to remove defaults, judgments, cross references, mistaken entries and some enquiries. These will appear on your credit file, you should obtain a copy of your credit file to see what appears on there.

Stop applying for finance as you will get rejected, this leads to further damage on your credit file.

What makes us different from Credit Repair Companies?

We are credit repair lawyers qualified to practise law in the Supreme Court of NSW and the High Court of Australia. Most Credit Repair companies are unqualified to understand the complexities of the law which regulates this area. It is dangerous to place your credit worthiness in the hands of organisation that do not known what they are doing.

We charge all of our fees on a No-Win -No- Fee Basis. We are good at what we do. So we give you the ultimate guarantee, don't pay us unless we achieve a removal of the listing from your credit file.

If you have multiple listing on your credit file, we will advise which listing should be worked on first so as to give you the best possible result. Most credit repair companies will work on the easiest listing achieve a removal and then indicate they cannot help any further. By this time you have paid an upfront fee, paid for a removal and your credit worthiness has not been improved.

We disclose to you up front our fees and advise you that not all listings can be removed. We will work towards improving your credit position and we take pride in treating each and every client with respect and honesty.

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Restoring a person, or company's credit rating is not a simple task, and often requires a high level of legal expertise. I have specialised in the field of credit file repair for many years, and have restored the good credit history of thousands of clients...more info

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